SMART - Wholesale

Digital Solution for Distributors

SMART is a cloud-based digital platform for the wholesale Pharmacy businesses. It provides an integrated platform with end to end services such as Point of Sale (PoS), Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Customer Management, Financial Reporting and a dedicated E-commerce based website for Pharmacies

demand and supply

Visibility - to demand and supply. Orders inserted directly into the platform eliminating manual entry errors

digital presence

Digital presence - complete set of tools including POS, ERP, web storefront

working capital

Access to working capital - partnership up with multiple financial entities for loans

manage business

Manage business - cloud based software to everything. Inventory, purchase, payment processing, taxes etc.

simplified interface

Simplified interface - mobile app provides product information including offers and discounts to retailers.

business insights

Business insights - complete insights into buying, inventory, selling


Logistics including last-mile delivery of drugs

customer management

Customer management - manage interactions, loyalty program etc. Integration with B2C