About Us

Medley Medical Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2016 backed by the minds that built Athena Global Technologies into a successful IT services firm. Our technology team brings together stellar experts with over 20 years of experience in building world-class technology solutions. MedleyMed has presence in both B2B and B2C healthcare domain.

MedleyMed seeks to reimagine pharma supply chain for the new age. Our vision is to harness the power of technology to orchestrate the complex healthcare value chain. We are improving accessibility, reliability and affordability through efficient demand aggregation, supply chain reengineering and analytics. As an innovative start-up led by the young thinkers and doers from top institutes like IIMs and IITs, we operate at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. In B2B domain, MedleyMed acts as digital platform and service provider for the partners to buy and sell medicines and other FMCG products.

The company has a competitive advantage because of the business model, platform quality and strong implementation team. There is a huge demand in the market, and this is being used to reach out to industry much faster. It seeks to establish a competitive edge in its target market segment by increasing the level of customer contact and service that others often seem to like. Our objective is to provide more value to customers which will maintain and retain our customers over time.

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MedleyMed Biz is a dynamic B2B digital supply chain network platform that provides real time pricing and availability of pharmacy products to platform users. The platform also provides insights into business operations leading to optimal operating metrics for supply and demand.

We take daily orders from retailers, hospitals, individual clinics and fulfill through our own supply chain network.

Building B2B Supply Chain: Under B2B segment, we are serving retailers, sub-stockists and institutions (Hospitals). MedleyMed has built a tech enabled solution to bring efficiency and transparency in the B2B pharmaceutical supply chain. More than 15,000 retailers and Hospitals are registered with us for daily pharmaceutical supply.

MedleyMed Services: We are India’s largest digital solutions platform for pharmacy business and healthcare solutions. Apart from MedleyMed Biz, we offer following services:

  • Medmart - Retail: MedMart is a cloud-based digital platform for the retail Pharmacy businesses. It provides an integrated platform with end-to-end services such as Point of Sale (PoS), Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Customer Management, Financial Reporting, and a dedicated E-commerce based website for Pharmacies. more..
  • SMART – Wholesale: SMART is a cloud-based digital platform for the wholesale Pharmacy businesses. It provides an integrated platform with end-to-end services such as Point of Sale (PoS), Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Customer Management, Financial Reporting, and a dedicated E-commerce based website for Pharmacies. more..
  • ePharmacy: Our ePharmacy solution enables existing pharmacies to start online presence with a digital store front to serve a broader set of customers. Online presence provides the customers in the area to place an order for products with a quick turnaround time. more..
  • Patient Engagement: Our Patient Engagement platform facilitates interaction between doctors and patients using digital touch points and telemedicine technology at pre-consultation, during consultation and post consultation stages, leading to an engaging experience for patients. more..
  • Patient Health Care: Our Patient Healthcare mobile application enables users to manage all aspects of healthcare by themselves. Users can book appointments, online consultations with doctor, order medicines, schedule diagnostic tests and other services for themselves and their families. more..
  • Insights: At MedleyMed, we provide detailed insights into retail and wholesale businesses. Our insights are proven to help run the businesses efficiently. more..

Management Team of MedleyMed

Satyendra Manchala, Director

M Satyendra is a management graduate who is heading MedleyMed since its inception in management position. He has experience of more than 2 decades in the industry. He is involved in day-to-day operations of MedleyMed. He is a self-starter. He has an ability to look at the customer needs from both the business and technical aspects. His vision and belief in the business has had him little challenge in gathering professional contacts in the market.

Rajesh Patil, COO

Rajesh leads both technology and operations at MedleyMed. Rajesh has 20+ years of experience in IT industry across Life Sciences, Healthcare and Financial services. He has worked in US for 12 years before moving back to India. Prior to MedleyMed, Rajesh led the Digital transformation for Financial services practice at a large consulting firm. He also has experience working in life sciences during his role at a Pharmaceutical company in USA.