Digital Solution for Retail Pharmacy

SmartZ ERP is a cloud-based digital platform for the retail Pharmacy businesses. It provides an integrated platform with end to end services such as Point of Sale (PoS), Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Customer Management, Financial Reporting and a dedicated E-commerce based website for Pharmacies

availibility of drugs

Compete with corporate chains - access to best price and availability of drugs

finance and loans

Access to working capital - partnership up with multiple financial entities for loans

simple interface

Simplified interface - mobile based access to everything required for business

delivery of drugs

Logistics including last- mile delivery of drugs

Digital store

Digital store - complete set of tools including POS, ERP, web storefront

manage business

Manage business - cloud based software to everything. Inventory, purchase, payment processing, taxes etc.

business insights

Business insights - complete insights into buying, inventory, selling

customer management

Customer management- manage interactions, loyalty program etc. Integration with B2C

SmartZ ERP : Retail Pharmacy Software and pharmacy pos System - A revolutionary way to do Pharmacy Business

MedleyMed SmartZ ERP is a cloud based digital solution for retail pharmacies. It is a retail pharmacy software which empowers the pharmacies to manage entire pharmacy operations in a simple and secure manner. It caters to all the needs of a pharmacy like Inventory management, Customer Billing (PoS), Expiry management, Invoice management, Product pricing, Vendor management etc.

Empowering Businesses, Enabling Better India Through IT

We are using the power of the internet and technology to enable an Advanced digital solution for your retail pharmacy business. We empower pharmacy business to compete with large retail pharmacy chains by providing them a better and enhanced technology platform.

Manage in-store and online inventory from a single platform

SmartZ ERP is a comprehensive solution for pharmacies. SmartZ ERP helps pharmacies maintain and manage in-store and online inventory from a single platform. It gives a gateway to web storefront to display products online and take online customer orders as well. All the products from the pharmacy are displayed online for customers with real time inventory status.

SmartZ ERP : What can it do to your business?

SmartZ ERP will help you increase your sales and cut costs to give your business the much-needed push. It will decrease the time required for doing in-store activities. It will streamline supply chain functions like inventory and order management. It also comes with fully functional modules for Accounting and working capital management. This will result in greater cost savings and increased profitability for your business.

Reduce Expiry loss for your pharmacy

SmartZ ERP provides a simple and efficient way to manage expiry of your product. It will create expiry reports and send notifications for expired products so that you can do timely returns to your suppliers. This will ensure that you get return value for all your expired items and do not suffer huge losses.

Tablet and Mobile compatible

SmartZ ERP works smoothly on mobile and tablet as well giving you the flexibility to manage the store from anywhere. Now, you do not have to visit store to manage your business. All the functions can be performed on the move.

Happy Customers: Increase customer loyalty

SmartZ ERP has inbuilt modules and features to enhance customer follow up experience. You can use email and SMS communication about customers’ upcoming medicine requirements based on their purchases. You can enable reward points for customers as per your convenience. The whole module strives to bring customers back to your store.

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