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Sustainable technology platform

MedleyMed SAAS platform is a sustainable healthcare technology platform that creates a collaborative healthcare ecosystem to manage all aspects of healthcare by engaging the participants in a seamless manner. It provides customized and end-to-end solution, by integrating processes with technology thereby reducing the impact of time and distance to access quality healthcare. The digital healthcare ecosystem is centred on the patient as defined by the needs of different patient groups and their associated effective care including beyond care itself and helps improve healthcare systems and processes. SAAS can help implement electronic health records and get insights to streamline processes which will boost operational efficiencies of your healthcare facility. This solution with patient data and insights are consumed in a highly personalized and meaningful way – with all aspects of privacy and security.

Improve healthcare process with reduced costs

MedleyMed healthcare platform can help redefine your existing healthcare practices and processes using technology to improve patient engagement and provide quality services at lesser costs. The platform uses clinical data which allows healthcare providers to increase access to care and improve patient outcomes, while reducing the operational cost.

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Provide access to remote consumers

MedleyMed Digital Healthcare Platform enables remote healthcare for patients and helps gain access to healthcare expertise regardless of geographical location. The platform enables end users to book online doctor consultation, order medicines, book home care, schedule diagnostic tests and a host of other services for themselves and their families.