Digital Telemedicine Platform

Our Telemedicine platform facilitates interaction between doctors and patients using digital touch points and telemedicine technology at pre-consultation, during consultation and post consultation stages, leading to an engaging experience for patients

How Telemedicine Platform works

telemedicine consultation

Telemedicine Consultation

Inhouse pharmacy

In-house Pharmacy

flexible consultation

Flexible and dynamic consulting schedule

personalization for doctors

Personalization for Doctors

manage doctors

On-boarding and manage doctors and staff for a practice. Access for front office, nurse

digital prescription

Digital Prescription



patient onboarding

Patient on-boarding

MedleyMed is on the mission to democratize healthcare and commoditize telemedicine Medley leveraged telemedicine and other technological advancements to make healthcare accessible, available and affordable.

The major challenge of telemedicine is the upfront technology development effort and MedleyMed overcame this and developed the most acceptable solution for businesses with minimal investment.

MedleyMed is a pioneer in SAAS/White labelled solution for telemedicine platforms and has built the most effective and easy to use platform in the marketplace using cutting edge technologies.MedleyMed created a robust data architecture which makes data safe and secure.

MedleyMed platform is globally accepted and implemented in multiple geographies. It has been built by harnessing the experience of Athena’s 20 years of Tech experience. Known for its stable platform and flawless connectivity, MedleyMed’s mission is to democratize healthcare by a two-pronged approach.

The White labelled solution for local and global customers through which any hospital, pharmacy, diagnostic lab or business can launch their self-branded online platform/app to cater to their patients. This will enable businesses to quickly extend their service offerings in no time.

MedleyMed’s Kiosk based solution branded Ananda e-clinic enables underprivileged population to have better access to healthcare services and the Kiosk can be installed in any place. The differentiator is its easy to use and user-friendly journey for patient, doctor and the business. The continuous improvement in features of MedleyMed is a journey based on real time feedback from market.