Inventory Management at pharmacies

Inventory Management at pharmacies is not to be ignored but e-streamlined

Thousands of medicines, an endless list of drug labels, an extremely challenging situation where medicines are cataloged, categorized, and stored under various parameters – imagine how tough inventory management can be when the point of sales itself has so many inherent challenges to be identified and addressed. Yes, keeping stock of medicines and managing it always form the most important daily duties for pharmacies. While humanly it is never easy to record and retrieve information, regular recording in books or basic computer files too won’t be of much help as they don’t provide any scope for uploading and providing real-time information, always.

Expired Drugs

One of the most crucial components that demand constant and extra caution is inventory management. It is a matter of reputation and better business sense too for pharmacies to keep perfect track of medicines that are about to expire and those that have expired. This is, yet again, not an easy task to perform manually, and operationally, beyond regular human efforts.

Time for Technological intervention

As the world is moving towards technological disruption and the advent of software for real-time advantage, inventory management through Pharmacy ERP brings ease, and convenience, and facilitates accurate tracking of stock. It is easier to streamline the inventory information online and get notified and alerted whenever a particular drug is running out of stock or is about to expire. Pharmacy ERPs are equipped with provisions to integrate multiple operations. Your inventory notification also helps you get the payment status vis-à-vis stock arrival or availability. For example, you may realize that you have made the full payment but you are yet to receive the remaining 30 percent of the stock.

More advantages of Pharmacy ERP

With Pharmacy ERP, you don’t need to rush to your pharmacy store and check what went wrong and where it went wrong. With the gadget in your hand handling operations and sending notifications to you, wherever you are, it doesn’t matter now. A quick call to your team operating at the store and the rest is handled perfectly.

SmartZ ERP, for your pharmacy

MedleyMed is offering SmartZ ERP, the most ideal enterprise platform for your pharmacy operations that offers excellent and inherent advantages to handle your inventory more efficiently. The cloud-based platform is a boon to drug stores where you can minimize maintenance issues and be assured of operational ease and better growth in the future.

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