MedleyMed Direct

An integrated, customizable, virtual care and digital pharmacy platform 
purpose-built for direct to consumer care

Features of MedleyMed Direct

MedleyMed DIRECT’s integrated, customizable telemedicine and pharmacy fulfillment platform is an all-in-one solution.

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Consumers, patients, and employees want
wellness, healthcare, and prescription drug services

Online | On their own terms Directly Conveniently

MedleyMed provides a customizable, integrated end-to-end telemedicine and digital pharmacy platform that connects healthcare consumers with providers and prescription drug services.

Features of MedleyMed DIRECT

Customers of MedleyMed DIRECT

Our fully customizable platform can be white-labeled and implemented specifically to meet the needs of your Pharmacy or Virtual Care Provider.

MedleyMed will help you create value for your company, customers, and community through one integrated system without making a major investment or incurring disruptions to your established workflow processes.

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A cost effective, customizable, all-in-one solution for engaging, treating, and prescribing with a built in EHR and digital pharmacy.

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