Patient Engagement

Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Our Patient Engagement platform facilitates interaction between doctors and patients using digital touch points and telemedicine technology at pre-consultation, during consultation and post consultation stages, leading to an engaging experience for patients

How Patient Engagement Platform works

manage interactions

Mobile App to manage interactions

telemedicine consultation

Telemedicine Consultation

Inhouse pharmacy

In-house Pharmacy

Post consultaion

Post-consultation Interaction Module

flexible consultation

Flexible and dynamic consulting schedule

clinic consultation

Clinic Consultation

personalization for doctors

Personalization for Doctors

chronic disease management

Chronic Disease Management

manage doctors

On-boarding and manage doctors and staff for a practice. Access for front office, nurse

digital prescription

Digital Prescription



patient onboarding

Patient on-boarding

Digital Healthcare Platform

A digital healthcare platform creates a collaborative healthcare ecosystem to manage all the aspects of healthcare by engaging all participants. It provides customized and end-to-end solution by integrating processes with technology. The digital healthcare ecosystem is centered on patients defined by the needs of different patient populations and their associated effective care journeys including beyond care itself.

Unlock and harness the power of digital healthcare

Unlock the power of digital healthcare with MedleyMed Healthcare platform. Our digital Healthcare platform is designed to harness the power of digital clinical information to meet the demands of patient centered care. We offer a solution where patient data and insights are consumed in a highly personalized and meaningful way.

Improve healthcare process with reduced costs

MedleyMed healthcare platform can help you redefine your existing healthcare practices and processes using technology to improve patient engagement and provide quality services at lesser costs. The platform uses clinical data which allows healthcare providers to increase access to care and improve patient outcomes, while reducing the operational cost.

Provide access to remote consumers

MedleyMed Digital Healthcare Platform enables remote healthcare consumers to gain access to healthcare expertise regardless of geographical location. The platform enables end users to book online doctor consultation, order medicines, book home care, schedule diagnostic tests and a host of other services for themselves and their families.

Sustainable technology platform

MedleyMed healthcare platform is a sustainable healthcare technology platform to improve healthcare systems and processes. We can help you implement electronic health records and get insights to streamline processes which will boost operational efficiencies.

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