Healthcare Aggregator – convenience, seamlessness

Aggregating convenience and integrating seamlessness, possible through better technological interventions

More healthcare services aggregators are adopting technology and inviting profitability in the long run. We are sure you will want to know how!

Healthcare aggregators are today one of the most vital links in the healthcare delivery value chain. These businesses have revolutionized the concept of healthcare delivery, by efficiently ensuring that patients are exposed to the right doctor/hospital at the right time and through the right channel. The patient who otherwise toggles between primary clinics to multispecialty hospitals, spending time, and money, and also battling against time, finds it easier to go through healthcare services aggregators, find doctors, fix appointments, and avail flexibility in all possible ways.

While the basic technological intervention to drive healthcare services is present in a modest way – an app/web interface to search, fix, confirm, and pay – the need for a more robust SAAS platform for healthcare can improve the services delivery, take them to newer arenas, and ultimately help them scale business and delivery.

Let us look into how dedicated SAAS platforms for healthcare and medical streams can make a positive difference for healthcare services aggregators

  • While aggregators may believe that a user-friendly interface can help customers feel comfortable and easier to transact, they have to simply ask themselves a question – has this platform been as comprehensive, contemporary, and value-adding when it comes to integrating and synchronizing internal mechanisms, operations, and functions?
  • Does the existing platform position and perfect itself as a demand-driven, proactively functioning window? Is it only transaction-centric or does it also provide features that broaden the marketplace, compare prices, and integrate e-healthcare services without complications?
  • Does your current technology platform provide for addressing customer concerns and grievances, effective enough to handle crisis management? Are compliance aspects properly addressed?

The questions that concern SAAS for healthcare are more to come as per the changing dynamics and trends. But what is important for healthcare services aggregators is to consider shifting to alternative yet proven SAAS platforms that guarantee power by more innovative and contemporary technologies. A platform that balances excellent functioning of both internal services and external delivery, besides, synching both effortlessly.

MedleyMed SAAS made for you

At MedleyMed SAAS, we are known for providing a SAAS platform of healthcare that is not just an effective software digital engagement mode addressing your wider base of needs and challenges but also infused efficiency and speed into business. By integrating all your functions, MedleyMed SAAS improves your business efficiency, saves time and costs, and ultimately brings profitability and expandability to your aggregator business. Of course, we ensure that the platform is cost-efficient in terms of the ease of installation, value-added orientation, and servicing provided by us. All these power your healthcare service aggregator business, allow bringing more services into the fold, and extend convenience to your customers as well as other stakeholders

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