Tech to make elder care easier and efficient

It is ‘time to think’ for fast-growing elder care businesses – to adopt technology and gain the key differentiation among peers

Elder Care – this is one of the most commonly mentioned phrases in current times, where skilled attendants, both medical and non-medical are made available to take care of the wellness as well as the daily needs of the elderly. There are a host of obvious reasons that have been triggering the trend and encouraging more agencies/organizations to step into the business. A study analyses that more than 40 million senior citizens are, today, in need of genuine geriatric care. What’s more, the fact that India will be significantly aged in the next 15 years has set a strong and motivating tone for the elder care business to accelerate expansion.

A growing business

Today, the elder care market in India, estimated at $5 billion, is witnessing a boom in the companies offering services, both numerically, as well as those expanding the services’ range. Apart from regular medical care, there is a constant need to attend to senior adults who need support in running their daily lives. From helping them in carrying out their duties of food, toilet, and grooming, to their medication, exercises, and recreation, all form a crucial part.

Synching, the secret of success

As companies keep expanding their base, there comes a stage where structuring and streamlining their services, synchronizing them through the proper framework, and an efficient monitoring mechanism all become crucial. This is because your volumes and customers are growing, the service range is expanding, and most importantly, the experience-conscious customers are demanding more in terms of services, delivery, and experience. Streamlining all these services and enhancing efficiency is possible only when there is a powerful technological intervention when digital healthcare begins to thrive through healthcare engagement platforms.

MedleyMed, meeting elder care needs

An advent of and aid from technology sets systems in right place, gives a real-time picture, betters customer experience, and lends them more convenience. Does this not sound like a winning combination? At Medleymed, we offer a SAAS platform for healthcare, a highly effective software digital engagement mode that suits the needs of fast-growing eldercare businesses like yours.

We know that you look for a platform that answers your operational aspects at an attractive cost, or rather more effective price in terms of offerings and experience.

At the same time, the platform should be comprehensive because it has to take into its fold many stakeholders who make your service delivery possible – patients and families, attendants, your staff, and other service providers such as ambulances and pharmacies.

At regular intervals, you may need to make hospital services available to the customers. This is inevitable considering the unpredictability in patients’ health conditions owing to their age

Your workforce limitations will not be a challenge as our SAAS platform for healthcare also reduces human intervention to a certain degree

MedleyMed, tailormade for you

Our SAAS solutions are tailor-made to incorporate and answer all these concerns in one-fold. We are user-friendly and support your operations to ensure efficiency and speed and reduce human intervention and gaps. Of course, this is cost-efficient considering the ease of installation, value-added orientation, and servicing provided by us. All these make it easier for you to operate remotely.

As fast-growing and also with a first-mover advantage, it is important to take to technology on priority and extends the unmatched benefit to win more trust and business.

MedleyMed is happy to extend a free demo of SAAS, the one-stop and ideal technological application for all your operations.

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