“Medley Med” – All-in-one solution for your Pharmacy

All in one solutions for your Pharmacy

If you operate a pharmacy, you must understand how to reach out to more customers to increase revenue. And it’s not simple, as the market is saturated with competition, and many pharmacies are expanding due to increased pharmacy and pharmaceutical services. In conjunction with this, you might leverage advanced tools for the Pharmaceutical Mobile App.

The Pharmaceutical Mobile App will give you all the features you’ll have to run a successful pharmacy. Customers will be able to find you and buy products fast and multiple at once. There are tough times when the store owner doesn’t comprehend why the pharmacy needs an app, and that’s why we came up with MedleyMed solutions that provide many services as per your need and can get the prescribed medication delivered to your customer’s doorstep with ease.

The following are the main factors why a pharmacy mobile app solution is required for your pharmacy:

Internet Sales:

A Pharmaceutical Mobile App enables your pharmacy to go internet and grow to new heights. Clients may order drugs from any location, anywhere at a time, and pharmacists can earn more money.

Consumer Base Development:

An online medication ordering and delivery software that is accessible 24X7 will benefit the consumer and business owner. Despite needing to leave their houses, buyers may quickly find any medicine. When a

certain medication is inaccessible or out of stock at a local pharmacy, online pharmacies can help.

Also, if your app meets the needs of your customers, they will remain loyal to the product and recommend it to their friends and family. Furthermore, combining a personalised experience with appropriate marketing may increase internet traffic. Because of their circumstances, business owners may be able to reach out to a larger number of existing clients.

Place special emphasis support within the app:

Many pharmacy app solutions include capabilities like connecting patients with physicians, organizing lab testing from patients’ homes, and sending medicines to their doorstep. These fantastic features save patients time and are especially useful for individuals with reduced movement or who reside a long distance away.

Insight into Purchase Trends:

Some programs may be combined with an assessment technique that aids pharmacy store managers in better understanding their clients’ purchasing relationships and correlations. This information helps assess the flaws in services and identify opportunities for improvement.

Preventing Drug Misuse:

Whenever it comes to pharmaceuticals and treatments, security and stability are the most important considerations. With the help of an online pharmacy app, you can minimize the misuse of the drug.

Benefits of using E-pharma application in Mobile:

1) Gateway for online marketing

You can gain thinking and creativity for marketing your pharmaceutical business by developing your healthcare mobile app, and you are free to use it whenever and anywhere you wish!

Furthermore, you’ll be capable of learning what your consumers genuinely appreciate and dislike about your pharmacy. This will help you improve your business all the time.

2) Increased customers

The use of the business pharmacy app to its full potential by communicating with clients via automatic updates and alerting them about discounts and promotions on a timely basis will always bring in more customers.

3) Increased competitiveness

As you may have figured, pharmacy applications are ideal for increasing the competitiveness of the firm to which they pertain. It’s unsurprising, given that even these services allow you to engage with customers in real-time, wherever and whenever you need them.

4) Brand identity

Creating a recognized pharmacy branding to represent the company’s image will not be unnecessary. And a mobile app with an attractive UI design could aid in the implementation of the concept by serving as a natural extension of the pharmacy company’s identity.

5) Better patient care

Again, a drugstore isn’t quite a medical, and you can’t treat your clients properly. Pharmacy apps, on the other hand, can still be of assistance to patients. What about some background information on various drugs and their effects on the body? Alternatively, why not include an internet chat feature that allows consumers to interact with your professionals?

What MedleyMed provides?

1) MedleyMed provides a cloud-based digital platform that provides end-to-end services such as Point of Sale (PoS), Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Customer Management, Financial Reporting and a dedicated E-commerce based website for Pharmacies.

2) A Profile of the user, where customer signs up for your application as well as generates a profile containing basic private details (such as age, sex, name, etc).

3) The user would appreciate the ability to upload and keep the doctor’s prescription, as well as other private information so that it could be accessed quickly.

4) Placing an order via the internet. It’s pointless to start developing a medicine delivery app if you don’t intend to give users the ability to order drugs remotely.

5) Orders are being tracked. Placing an order isn’t enough. The customer would undoubtedly want to know where their order is in the process.

6) Make a payment via the internet. Virtual payment is also involved in the purchase of medications and their delivery to the user’s home. After the delivery of the package, the digital payment alternative should be present regardless.

7) Analytical tools to allow for the study of user behavior. This knowledge will assist you in determining your client preferences.

8) Inventory Control. Do you believe that your employees must work with merchandise in conjunction with communicating with customers? There are also numerous wonderful pharmacy app capabilities to help your staff handle new medicine arrivals, securities, and respond promptly to supplier pricing changes, among other things.

Why choose MedleyMed?

As E-pharmacy is on growth and not everyone would be able to provide everything with just a single click, so here MedleyMed plays a crucial role where you have multiple options from consulting to delivery of your medicines to your customer home.

MedleyMed is one of the leading solution-based platforms and is customer-centric to help you in many ways at your comfort and ease.

So, Contact us now and get your E-Pharmacy setup ready for you.

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