What is Telemedicine?

Complete Guide for Telemedicine

Technology and communications have taken over the world in every visible and palpable facet and façade, bringing comfort and convenience closer to the end-user, and saving time and costs. The component of virtuality, and the flexibility of avoiding physical presence, have both made it much easier and faster for us to transact. In the modern-day healthcare scenario, these virtual and video interfaces have been casting a tremendous impact on the way healthcare is delivered.  

One such prominent feature is a platform for telemedicine that brings patients and medical practitioners together through video and audio appointments, offering a seamless platform of interaction with the vital benefit of convenience on both ends. Post-Covid, the threat of viral infections through physical distance looms large, still. Also, with the expansion of cities and complications of traffic issues, lack of time to meet doctors regularly, and more factors are fueling the popularity of telemedicine and the emergence of the telemedicine software platform.  

From another exciting angle, telemedicine, as part of digital healthcare, is found to be multiplying the opportunities for medical practitioners, in meeting more patients within time restrictions. Beyond their regular hours of engagement opens up the window of telemedicine that they can pursue with the same vigor and attention, albeit sitting at the place they are at.  

If we are to be believed, telemedicine is witnessing a boom in the country, where the rural, the old, those who are less mobile or those who have no time are rapidly shifting to telemedicine. Thanks to the connectivity and increased use of mobile phones, tabs, and laptops, facilitation is even faster.  

Less than a year ago in March 2022, the country posted a landmark milestone when it clocked 170,000 teleconsultations in one day, through its nationwide telemedicine eSanjeevani. This was just the beginning and buoyed by the growing practice, it is destined to assume farther heights. However, this is subject to more doctors making themselves available and pledging their commitment.  

At MedleyMed, we have pioneered our efforts towards empowering the hands of doctors and strengthening them through sustainable technology platforms to reach and attend to more patients. MedleyMed SAAS is a collaborative ecosystem and an integrated SAAS platform for hospitals that combines and manages multiple aspects of healthcare to facilitate seamless service delivery. As a doctor, talking to your patient on the phone or on video is just one link in the chain. To be sustainable and maintain a longstanding association with patients, a holistic platform is always the need of the hour. We constantly work towards designing such technological interfaces and portals, which act as a bridge between healthcare providers and patients.  

Our online patient portal is a secure and easy-to-use tool for medical practitioners who wish to deploy it to offer hassle-free telemedicine services. From appointments through doctor booking applications, to prescriptions, reports to reminders, we have embedded the best of tools and features to boost telemedicine services. The portal offers high-end proactive data management and communication services. 

With a growing chunk of the population looking towards telemedicine, the prominence of doctors providing these services through patient engagement software is increasing. The icing lies in adopting effective tools for more efficient dispensation of your services. MedleyMed SAAS is tailor-made for clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes, and other secondary healthcare units. We bring the crucial cost advantage and cost-efficiency to motivate you to expand telemedicine services. We are on the path to fortifying digital healthcare technologies in our right and might, for our customers. 

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